Creating a recognizable lifestyle and image for a brand. Lauren takes into consideration a target customer to make all factors of design, styling and messaging cohesive and strong.

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In March 2016 I was hired as Brand Manager at Quinn. The goal was to funnel the ideas, messaging and styling into a single idea and concept. Together we are focusing on the consumers truth and continuing the best quality we can offer. 

During a time where there is so much discomfort in the world, Quinn aims to make clothing that is conscious of environmental and social factors to deliver a product that upholds and sets an industry standard for the quality expected from a garment company.  However Quinn realizes that in order to set a standard from their customers, they have to know what they think, feel, and want. From this idea a video campaign named The Truth was launched.  It started off with 5 episodes touching on different subjects of truth with 19 New Yorkers... and is still continuing.




Building ET EAIS from the ground up was an incredible experience. I was able to work on the design, marketing, branding and overall voice of the brand. See below for collaborations and campaigns we ran.

The 'EAISY Tee' Collection was a gifting program. Each t-shirt was thoughtfully designed with each girl in mind. The EAISY tee spread the word, feeling and message of the minimal, luxury collection.


Creating and maintaining a clean, high content, stylized Instagram account helped raise our followers to 2000+ before launch.

Creative e-blasts helped customers to get to know the brand.


SS16 Street Style for ET EAIS