Creating a recognizable lifestyle and image for a brand. Lauren takes into consideration a target customer to make all factors of design, styling and messaging cohesive and strong.

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In March 2016 I was hired as Brand Manager at Quinn. The goal was to funnel the ideas, messaging and styling into a single idea and concept. We decided to focus on two ideas; Quinn believes in truth, Quinn believes in quality.

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The Truth Campaign During a time where there is so much discomfort in the world, Quinn aims to make clothing that is conscious of environmental and social factors to deliver a product that upholds and sets an industry standard for the quality expected from a garment company.  However Quinn realizes that in order to set a standard from their customers, they have to know what they think, feel, and want. From this idea a video campaign named The Truth was launched.  It started off with 5 episodes touching on different subjects of truth with 19 New Yorkers... and is still continuing.

Cashmere Conversations After the Truth Campaign we continued with a project named Cashmere Conversations; an intimate conversation between Quinn and a handful of inspiring entrepreneurs. During every conversation we focused on quality and truth.  We interviewed influencers such as Sarah Levey, cofounder of Y7 Yoga studio, Melanie Maggio, founder of Jacto Jewelry and Jessica Davis, founder of Folk Rebellion.


SS18 Real people. Real models.




Building ET EAIS from the ground up was an incredible experience. I was able to work on the design, marketing, branding and overall voice of the brand. See below for collaborations and campaigns we ran.

The 'EAISY Tee' Collection was a gifting program. Each t-shirt was thoughtfully designed with each girl in mind. The EAISY tee spread the word, feeling and message of the minimal, luxury collection.


Creating and maintaining a clean, high content, stylized Instagram account helped raise our followers to 2000+ before launch.

Creative e-blasts helped customers to get to know the brand.


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